About Go Bolivia

 Who we are
Go Bolivia is a company with wide experience in high mountain climbing in the Andes Mountains, both in Bolivia and South America.

Our company is a synonym of experience, quality of service, safety and confidence.

We turn our job into a passion dedicated to show the enormous wealth of Bolivia, a spectacular and challenging country for high mountain climbing.

Our Director, Eduardo Unzueta,has more than 9 years of experience as a High Mountain Guide. He took his studies in France (ENSA), where he excelled at his scores and obtained the most prized certification among high mountain guides: International High Mountain Guide endorsed by UIAGM. He coordinates personally each one of the expeditions.

We are eager to receive you and share the unique and wonderful experience called Bolivia.

Why should you choose us
Go Bolivia We are able to guarantee our service as one of the best in Bolivia, regarding professionalism and safety.

Go Bolivia We include more and better features than other companies.

Go Bolivia Punctuality, friendship and quality of service are constant features of our treatment.

Go Bolivia We watch over the satisfaction of each one of our clients on the hired services.

Go Bolivia We are specialized in guiding tourists and travelers through Bolivian mountains, always offering them responsible company.

Go Bolivia Our guides are members of the Bolivian Association of Mountain and Trekking Guides (AGMTB) and are properly certified and endorsed by it.

Go Bolivia We are the only company specialized in Mount Sajama, Bolivia’s highest mountain (6542 m.a.s.l.) located in the first National Park of the country. We can offer you a number of itineraries inside the park, which combine the beauty of the Andes with other unique attractions.

GoBolivia is:

The beauty and excitement of being 6000 m.a.s.l. in the Andes Mountains, or the more peaceful feeling of trekking between rivers and tropical valleys of Bolivian Yungas. It is a unique experience in contact with nature, inside a tent, cooking our own meals and exploring glorious summits.

The landscapes Bolivia offers to identify yourself with them, to enjoy them and to feel inside and surrounding you all the universal essence those moments of peace and balance may show you. Come and experience Bolivia’s diversity, its infinite treasure of fauna and flora that allows you this approach, from eternal snows down to its torrid tropic lowlands, passing through salt deserts or Amazon plains.

The proximity to the divine and the own extent of agreement with our fellow men. We challenge you to come to the Andes Mountains – the other roof of the world – where you will be able to touch the sky through your soul. We challenge you to trek with us through the ancient Inca trails. We invite you to meet the white sea of the Uyuni Salt Flat, to visit the city of Potosí and its silver mountain, famous around the world. We don’t offer you just adventure and nature, we offer you a trip for your own spirit’s sake.

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