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Tiwanaku is Bolivia‚Äôs most important pre-Columbian culture. Recent studies suggest that it gave rise to Inca culture, according to the number of similarities existing between both of them and the influence that the first one has exerted on Inca pottery, geometry and culture. In addition, the disappearance of Tiwanaku and the rise of the Inca empire are separated by just about 100 years. Among several interpretations and names of Tiwanaku, the name TaypiKala or ‚Äúcornerstone‚ÄĚ stands out, alluding to the belief that it lays at the center of the world.

This magnificent and ancient civilization was located in a desert place at 3844 m.a.s.l., to the southeast of Lake Titicaca and only 72 kilometers from La Paz.

Tiwanaku possessed many technological advances that are still being discovered, both in metallurgy and intensive agriculture. However, little is known about its way of government and religion. C14 studies date the oldest remains back to 300 B.C. The culture flourished until almost 1200 A.C., period in which it disappeared for unknown reasons. The most accepted theory nowadays, is that Tiwanaku people faced a very long drought that obligated them to abandon their city looking for a better place.

The legend of the Inca empire rise identifies its founders as arrived from another culture that flourished in the same place as Tiwanaku. Is this more than just a coincidence?

Tiwanaku ruins have an extension of about 400 hectares, of which barely 5 have been excavated, and from which grand stone buildings have been discovered, such as:

Go Bolivia The Semi-Subterranean Temple, with a stone figure representing a bearded god.
Go Bolivia The Kalasasaya enclosure, where year after year, on June 21, thousands of people gather together to wait for the Andean new year.
Go Bolivia The Akapana pyramid (stepped platform).
Go Bolivia The Puma Punku pyramid (stepped platform), which is just revealing its secrets, thanks to the last excavations.



Para participar en estos recorridos se debe estar en buena condici√≥n f√≠sica, sobre todo para el monta√Īismo de altura. Sin embargo, es una ruta ideal para los que se est√°n iniciando en el monta√Īismo, pues no ofrece mayores complicaciones.


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