Uyuni Salt Flat - Old trains and volcanoes

Uyuni Salt Flat - Old trains and volcanoes

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Difficulty: 4 days


Imagine a white sea, so vast it disappears over the horizon. That is exactly what the Uyuni Salt flat is, wonder of Bolivia and the world.

This enormous area of 12 thousand square kilometers, located at 3700 m.a.s.l. to the southeast of Bolivia, was formed by the evaporation of ancient seas that washed the American continent. Formed by approximately 11 layers of salt, 2 to 10 meters thick each one, there is an estimated of 64 billion tons of salt in the Salt Flat. In addition, the Salt Flat has one of the largest lithium reserves of the world.

To get to the Salt Flat, one should head for the town of Uyuni, located in the middle of the department of PotosĂ­, and then for the village of Colchani, whose inhabitants live on the exploitation of salt.

Ten kilometers to the east of Colchani is located the Salt Hotel, where everything is made of salt: chairs, beds, tables, walls and so on. Another attraction of the Salt Flat is La Isla del Pescado (Fish Island), a mound of earth that emerges from the white sea and contains an authentic ecosystem with own fauna and flora, among them is a cactus that grows more than 8 meters tall. A unique view could be enjoyed in the Salt Flat, which could only be compared to that of polar regions, blending blue and white with mirages in the horizon.

Go Bolivia offers you various possibilities to visit the Uyuni Salt Flat.


Itinerary 1

  • Day 1:

    Departure from La Paz to Uyuni according to the schedule of the selected transport. We cross a wide extension of the high plateau located between the two mountain ranges: Cordillera Occidental and Cordillera Oriental. We can see both the high plateau fauna and flora, unique to the place: llamas, vicuñas, rheas, wild cats and Andean foxes, as well as Andean grass (ichu), yareta and thola, respectively. Hotel accommodation.

  • Day 2:

    Visit to the Train Cemetery (antique English trains brought to Bolivia many years ago, no longer in use), the anthropological museum and the village of Colchani, located at the edge of the Salt Flat and where we can observe the salt extraction processes. Tour through the great Uyuni Salt Flat, a unique sight in the world. We visit a hotel totally made of salt, as well as deep wells known as "salt eyes". We can also admire salt crafts and piles and blocks of salt until we arrive at the foot of Tunupa volcano, where the village of Jirita is located, in the other edge of the white sea. Accommodation.

  • Day 3:

    Visit to the archeological sites of Tunupa volcano: ruins and mummies. Optionally, we can ascend the volcano at an altitude of 4600 m.a.s.l., where we have a view of the great Uyuni Salt Flat, its "islands" and the other no less spectacular Salt flat of Bolivia: Coipasa.

  • Day 4:

    Return to La Paz according to the schedule of the selected transport.

  • Day 5:
    Escalada del Volcan Iruputuncu (5500 msnm) ? San Pedro de Quemes.

    Salimos en 4x4 en una tentativa de cumbre, después de ver la maravillosa vista desde la cumbre, regresamos a San Pedro de Quemes. Hospedaje básico. (D, BL, C).

  • Day 6:
    San Pedro de Quemes ? Huayllajara. (4x4)

    En este trayecto podremos visitar otro salar más pequeño (salar de Chiguana). Después cruzaremos algunas lagunas altiplánicas y la laguna Colorada, donde podremos apreciar miles de Flamencos y otros animales. Luego nos dirigimos a Huayllajara. Noche de hospedaje básico. (D, A, C).

  • Day 7:
    Huayllajara ? Quetena Chico. (4x4)

    Día muy excitante, visitaremos en los geiseres Sol De Mañana, tomaremos un baño en las aguas termales, visitaremos el volcán Licancabur y después de todo esto nos dirigiremos hacia Quetena Chico. Noche de hospedaje básico. (D, A, C).

  • Day 8:
    Escalada del Uturuncu (6022 msnm) ? Quetena Chico (4x4)

    Saldremos de madrugada en los vehículos para acercarnos lo más posible para luego escalar el Uturuncu con 6022 msnm. Después regresamos a Quetena Chico. Noche de hospedaje básico. (D, BL, C).

  • Day 9:
    Quetena Chico ? Uyuni

    IncreĂ­bles paisajes se nos presentaran en nuestro trayecto hasta Uyuni. Noche de hotel. (D, A)

  • Day 10:
    Uyuni - La Paz

    Este dĂ­a regresamos a La Paz. Noche de hotel. (D, A, C)

  • Day 11:
    Transfer out

    Traslado del hotel al aeropuerto



Para participar en estos recorridos se debe estar en buena condición física, sobre todo para el montañismo de altura. Sin embargo, es una ruta ideal para los que se están iniciando en el montañismo, pues no ofrece mayores complicaciones.


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