Trans Cordillera

Trans Cordillera

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Difficulty: 4980 m.a.s.l.- 11 days



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Our itineraries are designed to get a progressive acclimatization. Most of them require just a good physical condition and acclimatization capacity. For your convenience during the journeys, we recommend you to travel light and to carry just the bare essentials with you, as compact as possible.



A great tour to visit the Cordillera Real in a different way. This trekking route is designed for experienced hikers who wish to admire the beauty of the Andes without the need of climbing.

Eleven days in which we will travel around the high plateau and the valleys of Sorata, colonial village near which there are caves, interesting both for tourists and people keen on speleology. We will also visit native villages that still survive in a traditional way at the foot of snowcapped mountains.


19 de octubre de 2014



  • Day 1:
    La Paz - Sorata

    Departure from La Paz on a vehicle. In front of us the road goes down smoothly to join the provincial road of Sorata. Beautiful views of the mountain range until we arrive at Sorata, small and charming village.

  • Day 2:
    Sorata - Ancoma - Cocoyo

    We leave early on a vehicle by a highland road toward the village of Ancoma, where we meet our team of muleteers. We start ascending between ravines and Andean plantations. Astonishing sight of Mount Illampu in the background. To the sides, a succession of splendid snowcapped mountains. The road to Cocoyo continues going down.

  • Day 3:
    Cocoyo - Chajolpaya

    We leave from Cocoyo through a path that will lead us to the Sarani summit. After enjoying lunch, we are ready to go down to the mountains of Chearoko around Chajolpaya.

  • Day 4:
    Chajolpaya - Negruni

    We leave from Chajolpaya. We take the path that starts with a gentle but constant ascent toward the pass of Negruni. Beside the path runs a ravine of ice-cold water that goes down to the valley of Negruni.

  • Day 5:
    Negruni - Palca - Putu Putuni

    A less weary day, we are still at the side of Chearoko. In the route, all the spur of the Cordillera Real could be seen. Descending turns interesting for the endless torrents that go down from the mountain range sweeping thaw away in their water. Crossing the village of Palca, we install the camp near Putu Putuni.

  • Day 6:
    Putu Putuni - Jankholacaya

    The day of trek passes on the Chachacomani massif. In the morning we go through the pass of Huaraco and then descend to the village of Jankholacaya.

  • Day 7:
    Jankholacaya - Kotia

    From the highest point we can appreciate a sight of several glaciers and mountains, such as Janquyu (5512 m.a.s.l.) and Mulu Apacheta (5368). In the afternoon we go down toward many lagoons and particularly to Kotia lagoon, where we set up our camp.

  • Day 8:
    Kotia - Quebrador

    Morning to rest and continue walking slowly toward the Andean slopes. Later, Lake Titicaca could be seen. The path leads zigzag-fashion down to arrive at Quebrador, near Ajwani lagoon.

  • Day 9:
    Quebrador Ajwani lagoon Sistaa lagoon Jurikhota

    We start ascending between ravines and lagoons until we reach the summit. From there, we have the most impressive panoramic view of all the Cordillera Real. The path is winding but appealing until we arrive at Sistaa lagoon, where we take a lunch break. In this point, the path starts ascending toward the summit. We arrive at Jurikhota lagoon, beautiful and isolated, surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

  • Day 10:
    Jurikhota Glaciar lagoon Chiarckhota lagoon Condoriri

    The ascent starts fast between big rocks and bends until we arrive at the edge of a frozen lagoon. Mount Condoriri now could be seen. If you wish adventure, the path could be followed up to reach Austria peak, located at the foot of apachetas, mountains of the National Park Condoriri. We go down through a narrow path to Chiarkhota lagoon.

  • Day 11:
    Chiarkhota Chacapampa Zongo La Paz

    We leave early from the lagoon. We take the path that starts with a gentle but constant ascent. Beautiful view from this summit located at more than 5000 meters. The rocky soil triturated by the wind looks like sand. We go down slowly to soon ascend again toward a pass until we arrive at Ligviosa lagoon. Then, descent to the valley of Zongo and the village of Challapampa. The rest of the journey is on the vehicle toward La Paz.

  • Day 12:
    Laguna Ajwani - Laguna Jurikhota

    Comenzamos el ascenso entre quebradas y lagunas hasta llegar a la cumbre. Desde ah tendremos la ms impactante vista panormica de toda la Cordillera Real. El camino es sinuoso y hermoso hasta la laguna Sistaa donde tomaremos un descanso para almorzar. En este punto, el camino comienza a ascender hacia la cumbre. Llegamos a la laguna Jurikhota, bella y aislada, rodeada de montaas nevadas. (D, A, C).

  • Day 13:
    Jurikhota - Laguna Chiarckhota

    Rpidamente comienza el ascenso entre grandes piedras y curvas hasta llegar al borde de una laguna congelada. Ya se divisa la montaa del Condoriri. si desea aventurar, puede continuar por el camino de subida para llegar al pico Austria. Situado a los pies las apachetas, montaas del parque nacional del Condoriri. Bajaremos por un camino estrecho hasta llegar a la laguna Chiarkhota. (D, A, C).

  • Day 14:
    Laguna Chiarkota Ancoma

    Empezamos nuestra caminata temprano despus de cargar nuestras mulas, empezamos subiendo una cuesta hasta llegar al Paso. Desde ah empezamos la bajada hasta llegar a Ancoma. Noche de camping. (D, A, C).

  • Day 15:
    Ancoma Botijlaca La Paz

    Este ser un da relajado, nos espera una caminata de unas 2 a 3 horas para llegar a Botijlaca, lugar donde nos estar esperando nuestro vehculo para llevarnos a la ciudad de La Paz. Noche de hotel. Cena de despedida. (D, C)

  • Day 16:
    La Paz Pas de origen

    Transfer del Hotel al aeropuerto. Fin de nuestros servicios.


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