Jankhouma o Ancohuma

Jankhouma o Ancohuma

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Difficulty: AD/AI 2 - 6427 m.a.s.l. - 7 days


Difficult peak, the highest in the northern region of the Cordillera Real, located to the east of Illampu. Its name means “Crystal-clear Water” in Aymara native language. You guessed it, it is a glacier.

Climbing it requires a considerable effort. The first ascent was in 1919 by the same mountaineers who conquered Mount Huayna Potosí: Rudolf Dienst and Adolf Schulze.

This tour will also allow you to appreciate one of the most picturesque colonial villages remaining in Bolivia, the village of Sorata, head of a valley running toward the tropical valleys in the north of the department of La Paz.

Go Bolivia offers you a 7 day tour to admire in its entirety this wonderful peak.


Itinerary 1

  • Day 1:
    La Paz - Sorata

    Departure in the morning on a private vehicle toward Sorata, picturesque village of the Larecaja province (2700 m.a.s.l.) located at the foot of Mount Illampu. In the afternoon, trek to the Caves of San Pedro. Hotel accommodation.

  • Day 2:
    Sorata (2700 m.a.s.l) Chilata lagoon (4200 m.a.s.l)

    In the morning, we meet our team of muleteers and start walking out of the village. The trek starts with a long ascent. Then, we skirt round Mount Illampu until we reach Chilata lagoon to finish this day?s stage.

  • Day 3:
    Chilata lagoon Glaciar lagoon (5050 m.a.s.l)

    We leave in the morning to start ascending toward Glaciar lagoon (Base camp), named after a glacier that literally lies on its shore. Magnificent view of Lake Titicaca, the valley of Sorata and the Andes... It was worth the effort.

  • Day 4:
    Glaciar lagoon (Base camp) High camp of Ancohuma (5400 m.a.s.l)

    We wait for our porters and leave early our Base camp to take advantage of morning?s freshness. We head for the upper levels of the glacier where our High camp is located. (5800 m.a.s.l.)

  • Day 5:
    High camp Summit (6427 m.a.s.l) High camp

    We leave at dawn attempting to reach the summit. Once we reach it, we can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Titicaca, the tropical valleys of Yungas and other valleys of La Paz. After appreciating the magical environment of the summit, we start descending toward High camp.

  • Day 6:
    High camp Chilata lagoon

    This day we leave in the morning together with the porters to Chilata lagoon, where we will have an enjoyable night.

  • Day 7:
    Chilata lagoon Sorata La Paz

    Relaxed day, we pack our stuff and set out for Sorata, where our transport will be awaiting to drive us to La Paz. Hotel accommodation.

  • Day 8:
    La Paz

    Transfer to the city of Potosí. Visit to the Mint, the famous Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) and other tourist attractions of the Villa Imperial of Carlos V. Hotel accommodation.



To participate in this tour a good physical condition is required, especially talking about high mountain climbing (altitudes above 5500 m.a.s.l.). This is an ideal route for those initiating in mountain climbing because it does not present further complications; with a good acclimatization chances to reach the summit are many.


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