Yunga Cruz

Yunga Cruz

in Trekking
Difficulty: 4300 m.a.s.l. - 7 days


Still considered as one of the Greatest Andean Trekking routes.

Walking from village to village we come across a typical Andean climate, which gives us the impression of being in the very heart of Aymara legends...

Our itinerary starts in the Yungacruz Inca trail, leading us through an uninterrupted seven-day descent which allows us to discover new and different ecological layers and various landscapes, going from snowcapped summits to subtropical vegetation with a great many waterfalls, with rich and varied flora and fauna as we descend from altitude.

Finally, we will arrive at the village of Chulumani (1700 m.a.s.l). Exuberant and calm place which will provide us a well-deserved rest. This trekking route links the high plateau and the temperate valleys of the southern end of La Paz with the subtropical zone of Yungas. It also shows in detail the domains of Mount Illimani.


Itinerary 1

  • Day 1:
    La Paz - Lambate - Chu帽awi

    Departure early from La Paz on our vehicles. After traveling for three hours we arrive at the town of Lambate, where our muleteers will be awaiting us to head for our first camp in Chu帽awi.

  • Day 2:
    Chu帽awi - Quircoma

    This is a long day. We continue through typical Andean places in the altitude to the village of Coricoma.

  • Day 3:
    Quircoma Kasiri lagoon

    After breakfast we continue our journey. On the way, we can perceive how climate changes as we advance. We continue the trek surrounded by wonderful vegetation until we arrive at Kasiri lagoon.

  • Day 4:
    Kasiri lagoon Yunga Cruz hill

    As always, we resume the trek after breakfast. During the journey we can appreciate ravishing landscapes, until we finally arrive at Yunga Cruz hill.

  • Day 5:
    Yunga Cruz hill Sola Punta hill

    We leave early in the morning. During the trek we can see magnificent views of Mount Illimani, its ravines and incredible valleys until we arrive at our camp.

  • Day 6:
    Sola Punta hill Chulumani

    After a good breakfast we head for Chulumani, where we will enjoy a nice and friendly environment. Accommodation.

  • Day 7:
    Chulumani - La Paz

    After having breakfast and loading our stuff on the vehicle, we depart to La Paz.



Our itineraries are designed to get a progressive acclimatization. Most of them require just a good physical condition and acclimatization capacity. For your convenience during the journeys, we recommend you 芦to travel light禄 and to carry just the bare essentials with you, as compact as possible.


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